21st century recruiting

The Secret Weapons for Candidate Connection

I was having a talk today with one of my colleagues. Both of us are long-time Seattle recruiters. He had lunch with some folks from our agency days earlier this week, and they were lamenting about the fact that today’s young recruiters seem to think technology is the answer to everything when it comes to connecting with candidates once you have sourced them. His answer?

“I just pick up the phone and call them”.

I know, amazing advice and insight, huh? Yes, some of us remember the days before everyone was tethered to their phone 24×7. But in keeping with the times, I shared *my* current secret weapon (which is actually two-in-one.)

The first is sending candidates a text. But beyond that, the second is more my stealth communication tool: Google Voice. I was an early Grand Central adopter about five years ago. I loved the versatility of it. When people ask me what’s so great about it, I give the following example.

My family lives in the Cleveland area. On Twitter, I had made the acquaintance of a recruiter at the Cleveland Clinic, and it turns out she lives a few miles from my folks. We set up a dinner date, and I gave her my Google voice number (which is what I always use…I don’t even *know* my cell phone number.) Well, it turns out that I had left my phone in Seattle. So I borrowed my Dad’s, added his number to my Google voice redirect, and she called me on it when we missed each other in the rather large restaurant. After I finished dinner and got home, I took his number off.

But in addition to that, with the web UI for Google Voice, I can send texts to any number, and voice mails come up as a UC email to me as well as going to my voicemail. So I just log onto my Google voice to send a text when I am trying to connect with a candidate. They don’t ever see my personal cell number.

The other tool I have used is Facebook. You can send a message to anyone on Facebook if you can find them. (And really, what kind of a Sourcer would I be if I couldn’t find someone on Facebook?) I remember once when I was working for a consulting firm, we had hired a consultant to do some work for us, and he just stopped coming into the office. He wouldn’t answer emails, voice mails, OR texts. But I found him on Facebook and told him he needed to contact us about his paycheck. Wouldn’t you know he called me within 10 minutes.



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