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Frustrations: The “Future” of Recruiting and Lagging Education Practices

I love startups. I have attended two Startup Weekends, I have attended/volunteered at local Women 2.0 Founder Fridays, I have made myself knowledgable about the current industry and trends in the startup world.

That being said, one of the trends in the Startup world is (in an effort to shake up the perceived status quo) to discuss ways to get rid of HR (and by extension recruiting.) In November, a LinkedIn Influencer published the article “Why We No Longer Need HR Departments”. I responded that he obviously didn’t understand the role of HR in the scheme of the organization. I got over 2000 “likes” on my response. Late summer, an article titled, “This Man Got A Six-Figure Job Through Twitter (No Resume Required)” fired the hopes of millennials everywhere and spawned dozens of posts on my Facebook wall about the end of the resume and the rise of social media as the wave of the future.

Among the most popular “Recruiting” startups we have video resumes and interviews, mobile apps for recruiters to help with recruiting like iMomentous, services like “Tweet My Jobs” melding SMS with job boards.

Geekwire recently showcased a local Seattle startup in it’s beginning stages called MyUnfold. In their own words, “Our platform allows users to create something that is unique to their experience. They can show their stories through pictures, videos, recommendations, works of authorship, and people they’ve collaborated with.” I took the service for a spin under one of my pen names (I write under three names); you can see my comments and the response at the end of the article.

I am getting frustrated with being one of the few voices in the proverbial content forest explaining that it isn’t recruiting or HR that is averse to change and updating processes and trying new things, but that we are hampered by ever-increasing federal compliance requirements in the US. It isn’t the actual products or services that are the challenge, but the ever-expanding hype that has the general populace convinced that the face of job hunting is on the verge of changing *any day now*.

Conversely, I am in the throes of campus recruiting for both interns and new grads. Our internships are split between marketing and tech positions. One of the distressing trends I’m dealing with is college and university marketing departments that are behind the times for undergrad programs; they are not offering classes or even modules on big data/analytics as it relates to marketing and consumer behavior. I see it in MBA programs, and although more and more collegiates are getting their MBA’s, there are tens of thousands of new graduates each year that aren’t able to get jobs because they aren’t trained for the rise in hard requirements for “traditional” marketing positions.

So to my fellow recruiters, I ask you to join me in helping educate the masses, and to spread the word to institutions of higher learning that it’s time for a bit of an overhaul in their marketing departments.


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