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Frustrations: The “Future” of Recruiting and Lagging Education Practices

I love startups. I have attended two Startup Weekends, I have attended/volunteered at local Women 2.0 Founder Fridays, I have made myself knowledgable about the current industry and trends in the startup world. That being said, one of the trends in the Startup world is (in an effort to shake up the perceived status quo) …

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Is Your Recruiting "Quaint"?

I have had the (dubious) pleasure of working with a wide variety of applicant tracking systems over the course of my recruiting career. I’ve worked with customized enterprise integrated systems, home-grown versions, web-hosted suites, email folders, and paper files. You name it, I’ve probably worked with some version of it. It’s a standard interview question, …

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Asking For What We Want = Good PR

I’ve been noticing an unfortunate trend the last year or so. As the role of OFCCP becomes more prevalent in recruiting efforts in the US, and the number of candidates is increasing due to the economy, resume quality has been declining. There are a few reasons for this. Many older candidates are using techniques they …

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