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The Effects of Lazy Content Syndrome

In this digital age, I have been noticing a couple of trends that are frustrating. As an avid Twitter user, I know what it is like to try and compress a compelling concept into a 140-character tweet when dealing with branding or marketing, generating interest. But one of the upshots of our micro-messaging culture is …

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"App For That" Erosion

I’m seeing an alarming trend in young colleagues that have grown up in the computer age. I think that this new generation of recruiters is so used to having tools and apps for everything that they haven’t learned the basics of our industry. I’ve seen it in other areas as well. A reliance on social …

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The Accidental Expert

I find that a lot of professionals don’t necessarily guide every facet of their careers. Often, when a generalist becomes a specialist or we take on a specific project, we by default become “experts” while learning and implementing our expertise on the project. Why do I say this? Well, in the course of my career, …

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