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Detrimental "Global" Recruiting Bad Practices

In the Seattle market, there is a growing restlessness and dissatisfaction among the local technical population, also known as “our passive candidate base” that has to do with high volume, globalized, recruiting practices. In the last 4-5 years, several of the major employers in the area such as Microsoft, T-Mobile, and Amazon.com have changed their …

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Career Path – Crucial To Recruiting

I think most recruiters understand that candidates want to know about a career path beyond whatever requisition we are hiring them into, but it continues to surprise me how few recruiters partner with HR on issues like career trajectory, succession planning, and even the fundamentals of *understanding* the career path for any of the positions …

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Can promotion to management be career suicide?

I asked this question of several forums. LinkedIn, HRPN, AskLiz, Digital Eve. Specifically, can promoting a stellar IC to a management role be suicide for an employee? I wasn’t asking for myself or anyone I know, but I have seen far too many examples of colleagues or former candidates of mine that have been promoted …

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The "Red-Headed Stepchild"

How many times have you heard that Recruiting isn’t *really* an HR function? As a recruiter, do you feel that you should be separate from your corporate HR department? How many times have you heard a disgruntled employee disparage Human Resources but exclude recruiting from their diatribes? Why the distinction? As a recruiter, I deal …

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